Spexton Fine Jewelry is the best jewelry store in Tulsa, Oklahoma for diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, and custom jewelry. One of the aspects that makes Spexton special is that we do not just sell jewelry, we make jewelry. For example, we actually hand make all of our titanium and black zirconium rings. We can even set diamonds in our titanium and black zirconium rings.

Lets talk about the particulars of setting a diamond in a titanium or black zirconium ring. How do we do? We drill a hole in the titanium or black zirconium ring. That creates a hole for the diamond to fit into. We set the diamond in a gold bezel. This creates a secure setting for the diamond. The gold bezel and diamond are then fused into titanium or black zirconium ring.

We can also do bezels in any of the three color choices for gold: Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or White Gold. We have examples of each of the different gold colors that you can see in person when you come to the Spexton store on Cherry Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Your titanium or black zirconium can be hammered, even if it has a diamond set in it. We hammer the ring by hand before we set the diamond, so the diamond and gold bezel remain untouched by the hammer.

If you are not certain of your finger size, we can make you an aluminum “Try On” ring that you can wear for a day. This helps you confirm what size ring is most comfortable for you to wear.

Since we make each ring, we can completely customize it just for you. We can make the ring any width, from 3 millimeters all the way to 12 millimeters wide. Some people prefer narrower rings, while some prefer wider rings. The most popular ring widths are 6 – 8 millimeters.

In addition to making rings out of titanium and black zirconium, we also make rings out of white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, palladium and stainless steel.

Get started with your custom diamond wedding band by visiting the Spexton store. The location is 1609 E 15th Street, Tulsa, OK 74127. Spexton Fine Jewelry’s phone number is 918-699-0030. The hours are Tuesday – Thursday, 11am-6pm and Friday-Saturday, 10am-5pm. No appointment necessary. Swing by any time and talk to Andy, Steve, Marcia, or Mike about creating the custom diamond wedding band of your dreams.